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Data from Paper: Mining Experts from Source Code Analysis: An Empirical Evaluation

Participants’ background

Figures below reveals the participants’ background. It is worthhighlighting half of the respondents (50% Figure (a)) are graduated in Computer Science, 42% have Masters degree,and 7% Ph.D. degree. Note that more than half (51% Figure (e)) of the respondents are back-end developer. That is, a programmer who creates the logical back-end andcore computational logic of a website, software or informationsystem. Most of our respondents (71%) have used theGit architecture (Figure (d)). Concerning time dedicated tosoftware development, 47% have more than 10 years of experience,and only 2% have less than 1 year of experience (Figure (e)). Therefore, we can conclude that, in general,the participants are not novices.

(a) Level of education (b) Course graduated
(c) Professional experience (d) Frequency of use Git
(e) Type of developer

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